Friday, 10 March 2017

One Word Substitution English Grammer Part 1st

English One Word Substitution .for SSC Exams, CHSL, CGL, Bank Exams and  very Important for other All Competitive Exams.

  • Altruist ( परोपकारी ) - One who lives and works for the welfare of others.
  • Amateur ( गैर पेशेवर ) -   Lacking professional skill or experience.
  • Ambassador ( राजदूत ) -  A diplomatic representative of one country in another.
  • Ambidextrous ( दोनो हाथो से निपुण )-  Equality skillful with each hand.
  • Ambiguous ( अस्पष्ट/ दो अर्थो वाला ) - Having more than one possible meaning.
  • Audience (श्रोत्रा गण)-  An assembly of listener.
  • Autobiography  (आत्म जीवनी)  - The life history of a man written by himself.
  • Autocracy- (एकतंत्र) -   A government by one person.
  • Avaricious  लालची  -   One who is greedy.
  • Bachelorhood (कुंवारापन)-  The state of being unmarried ( of a man).

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