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SSC CHSL (LDC) 27-01-2017 Asked Questions

 First Shift Questions
General Awareness:
  • Dzongkha is the official language of which country? Bhutan
  • Chemical formula of water is? H2O
  • In which year was the Kalinga war fought? 262-261 BC
  • Who has authored the book, ‘Our Impossible Love’? Durjoy Dutta
  • Group of Monuments at Pattadakal is situated in? Karnataka
  • When was the first test cricket match played? 15 March 1877
  • The deepest trench known to man is? Mariana Trench
  • The original 1950 constitution is preserved where? Parliament House, New Delhi
  • Amrabad tiger reserve is situated where? AP, Telangana
  • 10 degree channel separates the Little Andaman and Car Nicobar
  • (Choice based)Which element has a higher atomic number than Aluminium?
  • Who was the 6th speaker of Lok Sabha and president of India as well? KS Hegde
  • Elasticity is -1.33 find q1, if p1 = 600, p2 = 700 and q2 is 70.
  • Sum of two torques on a body equates to zero, what will be the condition of the object?
  • Who invented the dishwasher? Josephine Cochrane
  • Tipu Sultan was the ruler of? Kingdom of Mysore
  • Question related to Article 231?
General Intelligence and Reasoning:
  • Odd one out: Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple, India Gate, Gateway of India
  • 432 : 9 :: 534 : ?
  • Odd one out: 9763, 5630, 8756, 5431
  • 4,10,33,136,?
Quantitative Aptitude:
  • Cos135 = ?
  • Instead of multiplying by 7/6, a quantity was multiplied by 6/7. What is the difference percentage?
  • x + y = 12, x2 + y2 = 94 then xy = ?
  • tanA/(1 - cosA) = ?
  • What will be the reflection of the point (4, -5) about the y-axis?
  • If the angles of the quadrilateral are given in the ratio, 1:2:4:5. Find the greatest angle.
  • In which type of a quadrilateral are the opposite angles complementary?
  • Mahadev is 2 times efficient as Sahay. Sahay alone can finish a work in 21 days? In how many days they can finish a work if they work together?
  • First number is twice the second number and thrice the third number. Average of these 3 numbers if 517. Find the difference between first and last number.
  • X bought 12 dozen of a quantity for Rs. 1800. 15 % of the goods got damaged during transport. What will be the selling price per dozen, if there is an overall profit of 20%?
English Comprehension:
  • Synonym of dependent
  • Synonym of ‘bouffant’
  • Meaning of ‘to beat a dead horse’
  • Antonym of ‘appalling’
  • Meaning of ‘to beat about the bush’
  • Spelling of ‘variance’
Second Shift Questions
General Awareness:
  • Capital of Greece is? Athens
  • Which of the following is the second senior most post? President, Vice President, Prime Minister or Chief Justice of India
  • Ranchi is the capital of? Jharkhand
  • Who won the first cricket world cup? The first tournament took place in England in 1975 which was won by the West Indies.
  • Who was the finance minister during Akbar’s reign? Raja Todar Mal
  • Question related to BCG vaccine. Used primarily against tuberculosis.
  • the water content of air at a given temperature expressed in gram per cubic meter.
  • SMTP full form? Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • Formula for Ammonium sulphate? (NH4)2SO4
General Intelligence and Reasoning
  • Odd one out: 83, 74, 65, 92, ?
  • Odd one out 8, 729, 27, 125
  • 5, 11, 24, 51, ?
  • A is east of B, who is east of Q. If Q is south of P, then P is in which direction from A?
  • Shikha is taller than Pihu. Rahul is taller than Rinku but shorter than Pihu. Gita is slight taller than Rahul but shorter than Pihu. Who is shortest?
Quantitative Aptitude
  • O is the circumcentre of the isosceles ΔABC. Given that AB = AC = 17 cm and BC = 6 cm. The radius of the circle is?
  • Distance between A and B is 732. Express train takes 6 hr more to cover AB than Rajdhani. If the speed of express train is double then it takes 3 hr less than Rajdhani. What is the speed of Rajdhani?
  • If discount is 50% then profit is 25%. If discount is 10% then profit will be?
English Comprehension
  • Meaning of ‘to bite the tongue’
  • Meaning of ‘to bite more than you can chew’
  • Meaning of 'to ebb'
  • Meaning of 'pilfer'
  • (Inexact)One word substitute: A state, period or place of isolation in which people or animals that are arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious.

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